Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme in free (Low Cost).

bootstrap template in free

Premium Bootstrap Template/ Theme in free (Low Cost).

bootstrap template in free

Hey Guys, we are searching for best theme(Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme  ) and checked on colorlib,themeforest,

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They show many themes (Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme), some are free and some paid but we like the premium theme but problem is that we do not have that much money for buy those themes.

So, guys, I buy some theme at the lowest cost and I want to sell with a little all know I want to make some profit because I spend money.

I have all premium theme that you can check on internet, their price and their view

and you want to see the live preview I am available to see you demo.

List Of Premium Bootstrap Template/ Theme:-

We Have Two Types of themes, Here Is:-

  1. Single Pages
  2. Multiple Pages

 Bootstrap Template/Theme in free.

  1. Single Pages Theme(Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme):

This Type of theme have one page/landing page .all the pages are on one page like about us, gallery, contact.

When you click on contact us you gone on contact block on the same page.

Logo Design Trends

The category in single pages Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme:


  • Accounting
  • Agency
  • App
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Construction
  • Corporate
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Gym
  • Lawyer
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Real-Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Shipping
  • Spa
  • Travel
  • Wedding

for free template Live Demo

We will give you some extra code or pages like:

Bootstrap Template/Theme in free

Easy steps to set up a blog


  • 404 error page
  • Revolution slider
  • Coming soon pages
  • Master Slider

Note: All theme have there owned different slider, button.


The full Detail in the image…view the image and see all detail about a theme.

Live demo of liven click here…

Live demo of chimp2 Click Here…

 Tips: for view image please zoom it.

Bootstrap Template/Theme in free

bootstrap theme in free

and this is the market price of all the pages in above image.


Bootstrap Template/Theme in free

bootstrap premium theme in free


  1. Multiple Pages Theme(Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme):


This Type of theme has multiple pages like its have about us, contact and all pages redirect on another page.

When you click on contact then you are redirected to the contact page.these pages are separate.

Bootstrap Template/Theme in free


  • Education

Properties and Pages in Education(Premium Bootstrap Template/Theme):

  • 14 Different Pages
  • Marketing
  • 12 Different Pages
  • Real-Estate
  • 14 Different Pages
  • E-commerce
  • Total 48 Pages.
  • 4 home-pages
  • 2 Order complete
  • 5 Category
  • 4 Checkout
  • Order-canceled
  • Forgot password
  • Aaaahhh…..and many more.
  • Blog-magazine
  • 10 Total Pages

Bootstrap Template/Theme in free


 Bootstrap Template/Theme in free

  • Company(check chimp2 theme on internet)

Image of market price and theme detail…check the image below

bootstrap theme in free download

  • Total 30 Pages
  • 9 Types of home page
  • 6 portfolio
  • 3 Services
  • 2 Team
  • 5 Blog
  • 2 Contact
  • And Much More….


  • Company New(Check liven theme on internet)

Check the full detail of theme and market price in the below image:

bootstrap template in free

Tips: Download and Zoom Image.

  • 90 Different pages
  • Many choices of home pages
  • Accordions
  • Many choices Contact us
  • Many choices About us
  • And many more….

 Live demo of Unify full Package Click Here…

So interested people contact on OR Comment.

contact me on facebook message me

We will discuss Price in email/hangout.


Do Share and comment.

Thank You.


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