What is POCSO act? Here’s all you need to know about POCSO act.


what is pocso act

What is POCSO act?Here’s all you need to know about POCSO act

the four-year-old child has suspected her acquaintance in an exceedingly Old Delhi primarily based college of sexually assaulting her double, once together with his fingers and a second time with a sharpened pencil once there was no teacher or Ayaah within the category.What is POCSO act?


The police square measure fastidiously examining the legal provisions of the case as “the Indian legal code provides youngsters below seven years older bound protection against prosecution.”What is POCSO act?



The Protection kids from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 was shaped to safeguard children from offenses of regulatory offense, harassment, and creation and to supply a child-friendly system for the trial of those offenses.


HERE’S ALL you wish to grasp regarding THE POCSO ACT: What is POCSO act?

The Protection of youngsters from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 received the President’s assent on June nineteen, 2012, and was notified within the Gazette of Asian country on June twenty, within the year 2012What is POCSO act?

Except for the State of Jammu and geographical region, the Act extends to the entire of India

According to the act, “child” suggests that a person below the age of eighteen yearsWhat is POCSO act?

FORMS OF regulatory offense

The Act defines completely different sorts of regulatory offense, as well as penetrative and non-penetrative assault, yet as harassment and creation, etc.What is POCSO act?


It any states that a statutory offense is to be thought-about “aggravated” beneath bound specific circumstances, like once the abused kid is unsound or once the abuse is committed by a member of the military or security forces or an employee or an individual in an exceeding position of trust or authority of the kid, sort of a friend, law officer, teacher, or doctor or a person-management or employees of a hospital — whether or not Government or personal.

REPORTING OF regulatory offense

The Act makes coverage of sexual offenses obligatory.WhWhat is POCSO act?at is POCSO act?


It makes it the obligation of an individual UN agency has data that a baby has been sexually abused to report the offense; if he/she fails to try to thus, he/she is also censured with six months’ imprisonment and/or a fine.What is POCSO act?


TRIALWhat is POCSO act?

According to the act the proof of the kid ought to be recorded at intervals an amount of thirty days of the Special Court taking cognizance of the offence and therefore the Special Court shall complete the trial, as way as potential, at intervals an amount of 1 year from the date of taking cognizance of the offence.What is POCSO act?


It conjointly provides that the Special Court shall strive cases privately and within the presence of the oldsters of the kid or the other person in whom the kid has trust or confidence.What is POCSO act?



The POCSO act conjointly provides provisions for social control for false grievance or false data.What is POCSO act?

The Act prescribes tight social control in line with the gravity of the offense and prescribes rigorous imprisonment for a term that shall not be but 10 years however which can be imprisonment forever and conjointly fine as a social control for the aggravated penetrative statutory offense.What is POCSO act?


The Act conjointly prescribes imprisonment of either description which can be 3 years or with fine or with each as a social control for storage of sexy material involving a baby.What is POCSO act?


It conjointly prescribes social control to the those who traffic youngsters for sexual functions.What is POCSO act?

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