Who is Santa & Why Do We Celebrate Christmas ?

santa claus

Who is Santa?

santa claus
santa Claus

Santa Claus is also moot among members of the Christian religion, although he connects to Hebrew through Martin Luther’s presentation of the German Christkindl. Christians criticize him for taking attention far away from the “real” message of the vacation season, the story of Jesus’ birth and therefore the salvation of the globe. they are saying that he supports out-of-date pagan rituals and ideas.


Why can we Celebrate Christmas?

History and dispute close the Commemoration of Christmas


When was the Savior’s real birthday? Was it Dec 25? And since the Bible does not tell the North American nation to commemorate Christ’s birth, why can we celebrate Christmas?

The date of Christ’s actual birth is unknown. it’s not recorded in the Bible. However, Christians of all denominations and religion teams, apart from the Church of the Asian country, celebrate the birth of Hebrew on Dec twenty-five.

THE HISTORY OF holy day of obligation

Historians tell the North American nation that the primary celebrations of Christ’s birth were originally sorted beside Epiphany, one in every of the earliest feasts of the Christian church discovered on Christian holy day.


This vacation recognized the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles by memory the visit of the Magi (wise men) to Bethlehem and, in some traditions, the sacrament of Hebrew and his miracle of turning water into wine. these days the feast of Epiphany is discovered predominately in religious rite denominations like jap Orthodox, Anglican, and Catholic.

Even as so much back because of the second and third centuries, we all know church leaders disagreed regarding the appropriateness of any birthday celebrations at intervals the Christian church. Some men like Origen felt birthdays were pagan rituals for pagan gods. And since the date of Christ’s actual birth had not been recorded, these early leaders speculated and argued regarding the date.

Some sources report that Theophilus of Antakiya (circa 171-183) was the primary to spot Dec twenty-five because of the birth date of Christ. Others say that Hippolytus (circa 170-236) was the primary to assert that Hebrew was born on Dec twenty-five.

A strong theory suggests that this date was eventually chosen by the church as a result of it aligned closely with a significant pagan pageant, Dies Natalis Solis Invictus (birth of the unvanquishable sun god), so permitting the church to assert a brand new celebration for Christianity.

Ultimately, Dec twenty-five was chosen, maybe as early as A.D.


273. By 336 A.D., the Catholic Church calendar definitively records a nativity celebration by Western Christians on this date. jap churches maintained the Christian holy day commemoration beside Epiphany till someday within the fifth or sixth centuries once the twenty-fifth day of Dec became the wide accepted vacation.

Only the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church command to the first celebration of Christ’s birth with Epiphany on Christian holy day.


The term Christmas appeared in English as early as 1038 A.D. as Cristes Maesse, and later as Cristes-mess in a very.D. 1131. It means that “the Mass of Christ.” This name was established by the Christian church to disconnect the vacation and its customs from its pagan origins. jointly fourth-century scholarly person enclosed, “We hold this present day holy, not just like the pagans owing to the birth of the sun, however owing to Him World Health Organization created it.”


It’s a valid question. The Bible doesn’t command the North American nation to commemorate Christ’s birth, but rather, his death. though it’s true that a lot of ancient Christmas customs notice their origins in pagan practices, these ancient and forgotten associations are so much far away from the hearts of Christian worshipers these days at Noel.

If the main focus of Christmas is Jesus and his gift of life, then what damage will come back from such a celebration? what are more, Christian churches see Christmas as an incident to unfold the great news of the gospel at a time once several unbelievers pause to think about Christ?

Here are few a lot of inquiries to consider: Why can we celebrate a child’s birthday? Why can we celebrate a precious one’s birthday? Is it to not bear in mind and care about the importance of the event?

What is another event throughout all time a lot of vital than the birth of our Savior Hebrew Christ? It marks the arrival of Immanuel, God With the North American nation, the Word Become Flesh, the Savior of the World—his is that the most vital birth ever. it’s the central event altogether of history. Time chronicles backward and forwards from this moment. however, will we have a tendency to fail to recollect this present day with nice joy and reverence?

How will we have a tendency to not celebrate Christmas?

George Whitefield (1714-1770), Anglican minister and one in every one of the founders of Protestantism, offered this convincing reason for believers to celebrate Christmas:

… it absolutely was the unlawful carnal knowledge that brought the Lord Jesus into our world regarding 1700 years agone. What, let’s not bear in mind the birth of our Jesus? lets yearly celebrate the birth of our temporal king, and shall that of the King of kings be quite forgotten? Shall that solely, that got to be had in the main in remembrance, be quite forgotten? God forbid! No, my pricey brethren, allow us to celebrate and keep this pageant of our church, with joy in our hearts: let the birth of a Redeemer, that saved North American nation from sin, from wrath, from death, from hell, be forever remembered; could this Savior’s love ne’er be forgotten!


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